Marumi Shiraishi (白石まるみ) – Victor Discography (1982-1983) FLAC

Although best known as an actress, she had a stint as a singer between 1982 and 1983, releasing one album and three singles. Her debut album, ironically subtitled, “Marumi Shiraishi First” has been re-evaluated recently as a contribution to City Pop. Due to that, Victor re-released her recordings a few months ago as part of their “Female City Pop Selections” series. This “discography” uses the remaster for said 2022 reissue but re-tagged to separate the bonus 1983 single from the album. She recently held a live event where she sang all the songs on the album, and successfully fundraised money to release said performance on DVD. All of the songs are also included on Spotify, albeit under the compilation name “Marumi Shiraishi Collection”, which was released in 2004. The tracklisting for has been altered to include the singles first, then album tracks. Enjoy! :>

Marumi Shiraishi (白石まるみ) – Victor Discography (1982-1983)
1982 – 風のスクリーン (Marumi Shiraishi First)
1983 – 恋人たちの明日 (Single)



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